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Dog Delight!

This is Fred, he rather likes his new bed it is a very simple idea and cheaper than the dog beds you have to buy in the pet shops. 
It is made from a fleece blanket, which you can purchase for as little as £5, fold the blanket in half and stitch round the bottom and side edge. 
Using an old duvet cut the duvet to shape and fill the blanket, catch the corners with a small hand stitch, and then sew the top closed. 
As you can see it is a very easy make and Fred really does enjoy his little bed. It is easily to wash. 

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Saturday Shopping

It was my birthday on Friday and lovely A gave me a voucher to spend at the Eternal maker, so I spent Saturday afternoon browsing round the delights of the shop, I adore the table laden with china cups filled with  a wide variety of buttons, or the cosy corner of ribbons of every tone and shade which makes me feel like a hunter gatherer if only for fabric, ribbon and felt.  Saturday was such a dull overcast day, typical of January that it was a lovely way to spend the afternoon, T came along too and we followed the visit with tea and cake in a nearby cafe to thaw our fingers and toes. (If you intend a visit it is well worth investing in several layers, the shop is not very warm and I had to give up once the cold had seeped into my bones!) 
The biggest difficulty I have is can be a struggle to find fabric and notions that match my ideas, I have lost count of the number of times I have desperately searched the shelves of fabric stores only to have to give up my project simply because the fabric to bring it to life is elusive. Ideas often perplex shop keepers, I have often heard them exclaim “no-one has ever asked me that in all my years owning this shop” or “why on earth would you want to do that?” so EM is a welcome relief, the staff are so helpful and when I told them what I had in mind, their expert knowledge of the wide range of fabric for sale, some of which journeys from as far away as Japan; soon had me smiling with pleasure. Not only that, but suggestions and exchange of ideas flowed easily, I always feel I leave the shop with a friend behind me. 

I gathered these lovely cotton ribbons together, I was particularly delighted with the red and blue ribbon at the bottom because it was exactly what my project needed. 

This fabric is called the vintage workshop, I love the combination of pattern pieces alongside vintage sewing instructions. It is an Amy Barakman design from Red Rooster fabrics. 

I simply could not resist this Trefle crazy sewing pattern by kokka, my inner compulsiveness struggles with the upside-down design, but I love the retro colouring and style. It reminds me of the french schoolbook I had back in the seventies!  I love this pattern because it offers so many colour combinations to pick out from the lovely bright reds to the pale blues and lime green. 
These lovely notions are so beautiful that I will struggle to cut this design up! I love the little buttons and the keys, it is simply delightful. It is a Charlotte lyons design from Blend, called walnut farm. 
So that is most of my supplies in order, now with a little sketching and research, I am almost ready to begin, but I can’t tell you what it is just yet, you shall have to wait and see. 

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Patch Pillows

I love Clarke and Clarke fabric this range called ‘the bird trail’ is one of my favourites, the birds and flowers are so pretty, I bought them at Falcon Fabrics they have a huge range of these lovely heavy weight cottons. I find them so pleasing to work with.

I want to use up every scrap which is where these cushions come in. Patchwork is perfect for making the most of every small remnant of fabric however I often struggle to cut up beautiful designs. The large pattern repeat needed large squares otherwise the design would have been completely lost, so I used 8 inch squares.

The duck egg blue background is one of my favourite colours; one of the challenges of duck egg is that it is so difficult to match, greens look odd, blues look odd, it is really only a similar combination of blue green that seems to work well. To have used the same in the edging would have resulted in a rather dull cushion, but by picking up the traces of vibrant green in the design itself has lifted the pattern really well.

Colour matching is one of the hardest elements of design I do understand the basics of colour theory, complimentary colours, tones, accents, but most of the time the ‘theory’ eludes me, I just look at a colour and it seems to sing together. Colour theory would suggest that the green does not go well with the duck egg, and most probably on a sheet of paper it doesn’t, but by picking out the green from the stem the fringing has lifted the design. If I am still short of ideas, then I look to the colour block on the selvage for clues as you can see on the left the green is the third colour.

This project was satisfyingly easy, once the accuracy of the cutting and seaming had been done, it came together nicely. The backs of the cushions are one piece of the duck egg so I can change the look depending on how I feel.