For the love of vintage….


I have been enjoying a real gem on the BBC iplayer called WPC 56, there are currently three series to enjoy – hop over and take a look you can only see them for a limited time (just over 16 days!).  I found them absolutely divine, not just for the interesting stories but the beautiful 1950s details, and clothing!  (I am a fan of call the midwife too).

WPC 56

However what I loved about it mostly is the secretary who appears in the last two series: she is simply gorgeous, admired by the men but she is also a buxom woman. Oh how blissful to see the beautiful pencil skirt worn by a woman with hips, boobs and a bottom! It was so refreshing, and it made me see myself a little more kindly.  Mad Men might have also offered some pretty eye candy, but the actresses were definitely of this era of size zero. WPC 56 then is outstanding, delivering a far more attractive and authentic look in my opinion.

The 1950’s is a great period for me – I remember at one of my health checks where I was bemoaning my figure – the Nurse told me I wasn’t overweight just born in the wrong era!

I know that it is all too easy to wear rose tinted spectacles about the past, but the popularity of Artists such as Jack Vettriano where women wear polka dot dresses, hats, and bight lipstick and the men are in shirts, ties, braces and trilby hats seem such a vivid optimistic time.  Its an age where women looked different from men, dressing up was something you did on a Saturday night. For me it epitomises Glamour – and inspires me.

It has a full half skirt and is lovely to wear - you feel a domestic goddess as soon as you tie the bow!
My 1950’s inspired apron is lovely to wear – you feel a domestic goddess as soon as you tie the bow!

Where I live the clamouring for vintage is very popular, Brighton has a very active Vintage/Retro scene with Vintage Style Boutiques selling British made dresses  in Retro style. Alongside a very busy swing dance scene that offers a chance to dress up, put flowers in your hair and dance with a smart looking man in shirt and tie several times a week. I might not live in the 1950’s but I can step back in time now and then: great fun it is too.



10 thoughts on “For the love of vintage….”

  1. Yes! I have a Pinterest board called “Reality Check” where I put up photos of real women in real clothes. I haven’t seen the BBC series you’re talking about but I immediately thought of Peggy and Joan in “Mad Men” when you mentioned “buxom”. Peggy’s got quite a set of hips and Joan is busty and hippy. Very reassuring. Did you make your lovely apron?

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  2. When it comes to body types, I think it is important to recognize that there are many ways of being beautiful. Some people are full figured, others are naturally slim. One is not better than the other – it’s about being one’s natural healthy weight. My aunt has a huge appetite, but has always been very slim. For her, that is her “realistic”, healthy weight. Everyone is different, and culture should embrace that: it’s too bad there has to be a shape that is “in” or “out”.

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    1. I agree wholeheartedly, wouldn’t it be a happier world if everyone was simply themselves? I think what influences us the most is getting well fitted clothes – we blame our bodies for poor fit, rather than the dress etc.


  3. I guess it’s in our nature to try to conform to the current ideal of beauty for our era and our culture. But as Carina says there are many ways of appearing beautiful. I find the whole 50 glamour thing quite intimidating. I’m glad I’m wasn’t around then to have to dress up like that – especially the shoes. How much damage were they doing?

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    1. Oh yes my Gran’s feet were in a terrible state because of her shoes! I had never thought of it as intimidating before, but its a good point. I did the usual style me beautiful course a few years ago, I thought one of the best things was that it identified different types: sporty, casual and feminine, (I was feminine through and through). Any style should reflect who you are so perhaps that is a good thing about today, we can be different.

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      1. Good point about the “inconvenience” of 50s fashion with the shoes and what about corsets, girdles, garter belts? I kind of came of age in the late 60s when panty hose and hold ups were only just coming into style so my first grown up stockings were held up with a garter belt which really cut into me. Oh the pain to be a lady! And even the first hold ups dug into you too and probably cut off circulation. My mother-in-law had terrible feet and it was probably due to shoes which fit too tightly because they were all pointy. When she complained I would try to persuade her to just stomp around in trainers but she just couldn’t imagine going out dressed down! My own mother had better feet because, much as I tried to convince her she should put on high heels, she wouldn’t.

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      2. Thank you Pippa, what a great point, yes, tights are so thankfully comfortable! Its all too easy to be nostalgic about the past and pick the bits we like the most. I realise we are lucky to be able to dress how we wish today. High heels or trainers!


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