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Sunday Sevens 6 March


Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series organised by Nat over at Threads & Bobbins – it is kind of a weekly round up!

We travelled up to London to visit the Museum of Fashion and Textiles you can read about the visit here.



What I love about London is the fabulous architecture – this little indoor market was being revamped, but what a beautiful roof!

After the Museum we headed to a little restaurant just off the Borough Market called the Wright Brothers, they specialise in Oysters and their own Ale! Not being too keen on Oysters it was only polite to try the Ale!

Borough Market Feb 2016

It was quite a challenge to find a table but our patience paid off we had a window table and could watch people strolling by as we stayed cosy and warm eating Lemon Sole and Mr D ate his Pollock – we did our usual swap half way though although I had managed to eat all my shrimps, poor Mr D!

Refreshed we wandered the  fabulous Market – not only was there a lot of hustle and bustle, personal space does not exist! but there were so many delightful stalls – we bought some fabulous French Bread, Comte Cheese (I could happily live on Bread and Cheese). The fish stall was an amazing sight: from the live lobster floating in their tanks, sea bass and tuna, through to fresh oysters prepared skilfully by the stall holder. (I would not have any fingers left if it was up to me!) I could not believe the mushroom stall so many varieties I had never seen before. We sampled teas; purchased extra virgin olive oil from the Italians who had pressed it themselves in their small farm – it was fresh and tasty it had a green hue. There isn’t any market quite like it locally!


After a wander round the Market,it was bitterly cold so Mr D suggested we head to the Chocolate Cafe – everything on the menu included chocolate -the salads were served with a chocolate dressing! We decided to have a chocolate brownie and a nice cup of hot chocolate before we headed back to the train.


05-Full bust adjustment Kate Jersy Dress Pattern

I spent a lovely morning doing the full bust adjustment for my first jersey knit dress. The sewing studio is such a lovely place to be. I serviced my overlocker a couple of weeks ago, it now works like a dream! I can’t believe I struggled with it for so long!

After a couple of lovely evenings dining out with friends – it was dreamy to sit in pjs wrapped in a quilt and watch the Night Manager – who knew Hugh Laurie could be such a nasty man! and Oh la la, Tom Hiddleston topless!

ttfn x







24 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 6 March”

  1. Borough Market is amazing isn’t it? It sounds as if you made the most of the produce on sale.
    I think Hugh Laurie has been practising for the character in the ‘Night Manager’ by being nasty to people in ‘House’ – though not on the same scale of course. It’s a far cry from Prince George in Blackadder though isn’t it?
    Tom Hiddleston? I barely noticed him 😉

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  2. Looks a lovely trip. As for Hugh Laurie, I never watched House, so having trouble with him being a baddie all round – can’t quite believe it. Never noticed the topless Tom Hiddleston either – honest! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Looks like you had a fab time in London.Wanted to go to Neals Yard when I was there last year but never made it.Loving Mr H in The Night Manager.I really want to see him( as a baddie) in gothic horror romance Crimson Peek.Don’t think its out on dvd yet though.x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wonderful pictures of the market. And of course it would have been so impolite to not taste the ale! We had House here (reruns still on) and I loved Laurie’s wicked ways, wonder if I can find Night Manager…sounds very intriguing. Pretty dress fabric!

    Liked by 1 person

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