Sunday Sevens- March 2016 -Country walks and sewing


What a delightful spot – the millpond on the South Downs was a perfect start to our Easter Break – the weather forecast suggested that Friday would be the best day so I escaped the sewing room for a while and headed to the Downs. This picture doesn’t capture the beauty and serenity that had us pause for a while – watching ducks take flight, while the soft clouds drifted ahead – sunlight glinting off the water and dancing on the bank.


Further round the pond was a big level dock – where two fishermen were dangling rods in hopeful contemplation. The cascade of water was exhilarating standing on the plank just above the water lock – watching reeds dance around the rusty bars with their coats of weeds.

We followed the footpath through woodland eventually coming out into Burton Park, an old Manor House (now converted into flats) that had a lovely little chapel in the grounds.

Burton Church


It was a quaint old building – obviously built for the Manor House, but they hold services in the chapel once a month. These places have a sense of timelessness about them -carvings and painted walls – hard church pews – nothing has changed for at least a 100 years. I felt if I sat long enough I might just travel back in time! We ended the trip with a lovely coffee at Petworth – we bought mountains of cheese, crisp fresh bread and feasted on them the whole weekend.


I popped to my to my Son’s Salon for a hair cut (he has been quietly turning me lighter over the last year), he is such a talented young man!  We had a lovely family gathering my daughter and son-in-law also had their hair done – then went out for a meal to celebrate his upcoming birthday before he headed to Valencia.

Every month they have a Vintage and Very Nice Bazaars at Chichester Assembly Rooms, we slipped away from the rain one dreary March  Saturday,  meandering through the stalls; bric a brac, old maps and relics from the past all cleaned up and ready for sale. I wonder if any of my beloved items will be prized by a stall holder years ahead?   I spend a great deal of time looking at vintage clothing – there were so many lovely dresses,  especially this unapologetic cashmere soft girlie jumper!  (It would not fit me, sadly!)- the lady kindly allowed me to take a few photos.  I really liked the neckline and have a cashmere jumper at home that might just be the transformation it is waiting for.


I also cherished this beautiful Kimono – which came home with me! It feels luxurious to wear – I have never looked so elegant in my pjs!

7-Kate Jersey dress finished front

I completed this jersey dress – the embroidery detail was inspired by my trip to the Museum of Fashion and Textiles at the end of February.


I made a lovely wool skirt with a bit of embroidery to avoid the classic  librarian look!- it has taken me quite a long time to complete but it fits like a glove.. will be posting on my sewing blog.


We had visitors and family most of the holiday – it was good to have a break from the sewing room for a while.  Monday I fished out an old UFO – this little lap quilt! It has tiny cakes, cups of tea and little patterned fabrics! There was no real game plan, but I worked it randomly among the fixed blocks of cakes and coffee cups.

It is mostly the quilting that is taking the time – my sewing machine has had a few hiccups and hissy fits during the process -lining up the quilting blocks and squeezing it into the tiny embroidery frame was challenging!  – It was the project that made me realise that my sewing machine was faulty which is why it was discarded a few times. Two new motherboards and a couple of services in the years in-between and thankfully it was progressing much faster.

Free motion quilting


It was easier to simply free motion quilt it –  by the end of the day it is just a little hand stitching  to bind it. It is far from perfect, in fact it is more wrong than right, but I can’t discard the hours of sewing I did to put it together; in a strange way, the imperections give it a sense of the journey it has been to complete it.  I have learned a lot since I began the quilt back in 2006 I have far more patience and skill lining up the quilt in the frame. If there is a slow sew movement to grow alongside the slow food movement – I would be a paid up member.

March is going out like a lion – thankfully just a few roof tiles and bit of fencing our only casualties in the storm, but oh my, spring is definitely here.

ttfn x

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens- March 2016 -Country walks and sewing

  1. This is a fabulous post! The little chapel is a wonderful find, I love that delicate and unapologetic pink jumper, the kimono must be exquisitely comfy, your quilting is gorgeous….but the embroidery on the wool skirt is absolutely inspired.
    Haha, I love Bekki’s comment!

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  2. I can so empathise with your quilting journey – it is a labour of love, that’s for sure, and one well worth it. I have a silk dressing gown that makes me feel like you do in your kimono! Great idea to lift the skirt with some embroidery:)

    Liked by 1 person

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