The importance of Art

knitted sculpture

I’ve gone through quite an upheaval in the last few months, with visits to the hospital for tests etc, thankfully it has all turned out to be nothing too serious and I am having a small lump removed from my breast tomorrow.

One lovely thing about visiting the hospital is that there are a lot of wonderful pieces of art everywhere – including this lovely rhino with his knitted heart and eyes! I am so grateful for the artists who donate their pictures, there was one in particular of a beautiful flower that was nice to focus on while I had a biopsy, I wish I could tell the artist how much that lifted me during a worrying time.

We are planning a lovely two weeks away in Dorset to recover after my op, and I am looking forward to rest!



11 thoughts on “The importance of Art

  1. Oh wow, you’ve obviously had a traumatic few months – so glad it will be over soon. When my husband had cancer we spent a lot of time in hospital, so I can relate to how calming and uplifting art in hospitals can be. Good luck for tomorrow! X

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  2. First, I am sorry to hear about the stress of the last few months. Second, I am glad it is “nothing too serious.” Third, I hope you enjoy your post-op time away in Dorset. Finally, your description about how art helped you brought a smile to my lips. I, too, find the medical community’s art scattered everywhere soothing. 🙂

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  3. So sorry to hear you’ve had such a difficult time. No wonder you’ve been quiet. So glad you’re good though. Hope the operation goes well and you have a lovely break to recover. Big hugs to you xx


  4. Fred, I’m sorry to hear what you’ve been through, I cannot imagine the worry you had. I’m glad it ‘was nothing too serious’… How was the Dorset holiday? I hope you and your husband had an enjoyable time. Thank you for sharing the rhino, it brought me a smile, as I’m sure it did others. xo

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