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Careful what you wish for… a lesson in minimalism

I have been interested in the concept of minimalism for some time now.  I have been enjoying reading a wide range of bloggers on the subject, made easier by using the iPad app. (it is wonderful, I can’t believe I hadn’t used it before!)


When we moved last year, I was shocked at the huge quantity of craft materials I had accumulated over the years. It is surprising how much I had squirrelled away in nooks and crannies, but when I finally got a large studio space in which to set it all out, the room was soon full to overflowing. It did connect me with a lot of UFOS, one of which was this quilt above. I resolved not to buy any more fabric until some of these things were used or finished. It was quite satisfying, because this quilt took no more than a few hours to complete, it was the same for many other little projects.

We live in a very sought after area, it had taken us 18 months to find a property having had many struggles and blips in the process – but despite taking a lease for 2-3 years, we discovered that the landlord wanted to raise the rent by nearly £500 per month! without much notice… in fact the new agreement was overdue. We decided to look elsewhere and found the most delightful house and organised to pack up and move. I don’t know if any of you rent, but Agents give you days not weeks to move!

So, the moving day arrived, I headed to work as Scott was arranging the removal with a local company – imagine what a shock it was to discover that the new Landlord had taken a dislike to the fact we were self employed and had decided, at the 11th hour, not to let the property at all…..!

All our stuff went into storage… we checked into a nearby hotel and suddenly the concept of minimalism became a big reality. We ended up having to buy underwear and a few items of clothing in order to get through the next few days! We faced a choice, either move back into my flat or go house hunting again … at the time I was due to go to the hospital to investigate the lump in my breast so I decided that it was best to return to the flat and have a bit of stability for a while.

It  has been an interesting lesson – shockingly all our stuff required three storage units – and many of the boxes had not even been unpacked in a year! We decided to spend just one afternoon sorting through and bringing ‘essentials’ to the flat.

It was fascinating to see what I missed and what we deemed essential.

Initially furniture to sit on! We had one armchair and a rocking chair, (which was not very comfortable at all!) so it was an absolute pleasure to see the return of my sofa bed. It was bliss to see the washing machine and tumble dryer!

My clothes were a sight for sore eyes! Although only about a third of them came back to the flat with me – the flat is a quarter of the size of the house!

So over the last few months there has been a bit of a mantra.. oh that is in storage!

For example, I thought I would make a shepherd’s pie and was almost finished before I realised I hadn’t a pyrex dish to put it in. Or I decided to do baking one day, but it was impossible without scales! We have been rather lucky to find these things in charity shops, but it has been an interesting few months.


Mostly it is my sewing tools that I find I miss – my cutting grid, or my rotary cutter! We were going to friends for Christmas this year, so I decided to make my own crackers – including felt hats.. which all had to be hand stitched as I did not have my glue gun!

I miss our large tea pot, the Christmas Decorations, my essential oils, the sellotape dispenser!

I did not realise either, just how much I miss my books, in the end I bought another copy of Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Romancing the Ordinary, because I could not bear to be without it.

It has been a sifting exercise, a reality check – and it has surprised me at times what I missed and what I didn’t.

What is clear to me, is how blessed I really am and how many things in life might not be essential – but they are small things that make life pleasurable.

What do you think you couldn’t live without?


8 thoughts on “Careful what you wish for… a lesson in minimalism”

  1. Wow, what a interesting post. That must have been so tough. I hope all was ok with the lump, I’ve been through that scare three times now, the last being the worse when they did all the tests the same day I knew they were worried, then the biopsy came back a-atypical but I did eventually get the all clear! My bible, books, creating bits and kitchen bits for baking are what I would really miss!

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  2. That moving nightmare must have been so stressful, but a valuable lesson in what makes you tick in terms of things that you need around you to make you happy.


      1. Fred, my kindle fire is acting up, thought I sent you a nice message back, yesterday!
        …That’s good to hear 🙂
        I finished Florence and Giles. I was shocked what she did to poor Theo. So, was Flo mad? Was the ‘governess’ really Gile’s mother? I found the ending rather abrupt. What did you think?
        Love and hugs xox

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  3. Thanks Faith it has been tough – I miss so many small things – I am planning another sortie to the storage soon as the temporary situation is not changing for the moment.


  4. Hi Faith, always lovely to hear from you!, thanks for your lovely message,

    oh yes, Florence and Giles, the ending is quite shocking! I remember having a spot of the vapours Victorian lady style! It was horrendous what she did! Do i think her mad? maybe, the isolation made her strange. I struggled to find her motivation for such horrors, perhaps she was simply bad! I know that I really associated with Flora when she was hiding away to read… but goodness what lies beneath!

    I hope you enjoyed the book, even with the ending – for me it was building to some sort of climax, but it did leave me in a state of shock somewhat! I think it was a day or two before I had the courage to pick up another book!


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