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Promises Promises!


It is a hefty stack of books – just pulled from my shelves (most of my stuff is in storage so this is not the entire stack!)

These are all promises… and, because I like to be honest with you, these are broken promises. Most of these have gathered dust on the shelf – after an initial flick through they have been filed under ‘something to do one day…’ the problem, as you may already know is that ‘one day’ is never ‘today’.

This is the time of year when; urged by the media, we sit with that beautiful blank page diary and see opportunity. January offers a tantalizing chance to change which, in my case, reverts to a failure hangover mid January – which is the most depressing time of the year.

Maybe you don’t collect books, maybe you collect fabric, or wool or paper as a promise that one day you will actually use them. Yet, and I am confident that I am not alone on this, craft materials, books all sorts of promises and dreams pile up without ever being used.

Last year, a lovely man got in touch with me, he needed help as his wife, an avid and talented crafter, had passed away. I visited his home to see a huge collection of items that filled their home – and it really brought home to me that time is not infinite.

So.. over the next few days I hope to sit and make one more promise to myself.

I will give myself time – to sift about for what really matters to me and that begins with disconnecting from the ‘collective’ more commonly known as ‘media’

You see, I have noticed of late, that while Pinterest appears to be something creative – it is counterproductive for me.  All the time I spend pinning could be time I am actually doing something. And there are times when my creations that I was so proud of a moment ago, hold up very badly against the talented souls on Pinterest. The pins that appear in my feed are from people with extraordinary talent – where are the ordinary folk like me? Oh and while I am on the subject -I have also lost count of the times I have followed a link to a website where the original idea is lost among the advertising… (ok I will stop there before my rant gets any stronger)

While it is also great to fill my feed with spiritually uplifting groups – they are counteracting each other. I have created a vision board and imagined a new wonderful life, but I also realise that another way to happiness is mindfulness..and what is so wrong with my life right now anyway?

I love the concept of minimalism but it contradicts the creative in me – do you really need another drawing? or a painting? a new vintage style dress or a pot holder?

I like the concept of The Secret that we attract what we project… but have an issue with all illness or conflict in our lives is our own creation… how then does a baby create cancer?

So without a bit of a diet from these things it is hard to get out my head what is sparking my inner magpie and what is sparking my soul. Two very different things.

With the Christmas break falling so well this year, I have lots of time available.. so here goes. I am switching off the computer now… promise!



13 thoughts on “Promises Promises!”

    1. And the same to you! I noticed that your blog is not loading in my feed – it takes me to an external page which then makes commenting difficult because it asked me to log in again. Just thought you should know! I have been reading your adventures but can’t comment on the iPad because it won’t let me in from the browser rather than the word press app. (does any of this make sense?) It might be that you are hosting under your own domain – but just thought you would like to know.


  1. Great post. I can really, really relate to this. I have a pile of ‘life- changing’ books in a cupboard. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration but I too have found myself lost creating a world of ideas and articles while spending no time actually making it a reality. I love the term ‘inner magpie’. I wrote a post earlier this year about ‘shopping for time’. I think I buy books and craft stuff because I’m trying to actually buy the time to do those things rather than actually sitting down and doing craft or reading. I too am hoping to change this in 2017.

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    1. Lovely to hear from you Cultivating Time – thanks for your comment it is nice to know I am not the only one! I agree with you, I buy these books as a promise to myself, but I am great at keeping promises to everyone but myself! Good luck with the changes, looking forward to reading all about them in your blog! Happy New Year.

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  2. You shouldn’t feel disheartened by all the fabulous things on Pinterest. Think of the things you pin – you would only pin great things that inspire, wouldn’t you, as that’s the whole point. A blog is where people share real life hits and misses, of which we’ve all made a mixture of both! Continue to enjoy Pinterest and don’t forget that behind every success is a pile of failures leading up to mastering the final piece:)

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    1. I agree with you, it is a good way to use Pinterest – but I am noticing more ‘commercial’ pins and less regular blog pins in my feed. I would like to support the small blogger – who use it as a way to promote their blog, but I rarely see any pins from them. Most of what I see is very professional and slick and at worst – a lure to some awful sales site where the content you saw is no more than one line in a page of advertising and rubbish. I also find that I end up with so many ideas swirling around in my head that I end up less productive. Hence I tend to go on a Pinterest diet now and then… 😉

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  3. I’m catching up and glad I did too. I think a lot of us are in the same boat with all the electrical gadgetry getting in the way of us actually creating something. But then we’d vibe so creative but not have all our friends if we went back 20 years. I remember when I first started getting into sewing and I didn’t know anyone else who shared my interest. I’m trying to find a happy balance. Like now I’m having a quiet moment at work so going back and reading posts I’ve missed. 😀

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    1. Hi Thimberlina You are right! its great to find others out there with the same interests. I like seeing what others are up to I find it encouraging but it’s the rise in commercial sites flooding the feed that bothers me

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  4. Fred, I’m in awe of your dressmaking skills. I don’t really know Pinterest, personally (know what it is), but from what you say it does seem like a waste of time. There’s a craft site I used to frequent, where it’s normal and friendly craft people sharing their crafts…but, I’ve got to think of the name of it. I don’t know if it’s the same as then – not overtaken by businesses. I’ll have a think about the name for you, in case you’re interested. I need to find a balance between acquiring beautiful fabrics and actually making something from them! It’s kind of an addiction.
    Love and hugs, Faith.

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