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Every so often I wonder what I am doing here… as in writing this blog – why I feel the need to write and put my thoughts out there in the world.

I discovered my dog eared, well thumbed copy of The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket the other day. Published in 2007 (how time flies!) I can recall the moment I fell in love with this book, I was kneeling in front of the shelves labelled ‘hobbies’ right in the middle of a large Bookshop, the strange quiet of subdued voices that seems to unique to bookshops and libraries, together the hiss of the steamer from the cafe in the corner. Gentle Arts gave me that prickly sensation you get when something resonates with your soul. A yearning for the joys of domestic pleasures that was so at odds with everyone else around me at the time.

Sweet crust pastry

I was surrounded by friends who were perplexed at my desire for stitchery, my longing to hook wool into submission and while they were delighted with home made cake their eyebrows shot up in horror when I told them that the dress they admired was actually home made. (oh really? why would you bother, Primark is so cheap?). Can you believe it was ten years ago?

07-Cotton reel

Within the pages of the book was a woman who also admitted to the yearning to knit, or the joy to be discovered within one’s own four walls and the desire to create harmony and beauty. The book led me to her beautiful blog and the blogger within me was born. Sadly, she no longer blogs as you will see if you click the link, but I clung to her like a lifeboat in those days – there was someone out there who felt like I do. And isn’t that why we feel a desire to write our blogs? I know for me – I feel connected with other like minded women who are just like me.

decorated cup cake

Thankfully,  when I moved to Sussex in 2011, I have since found many like minded women, and creativity has gained a resurgence in popularity – thank goodness.

Blogging has been a bumpy adventure, my first blog on blogger went virtually unread for over a year – it seemed nigh on impossible to get readers because the platform promotes blogs by readers..mine remained in the frozen wasteland of zero readers at the bottom of page 3000 or something.  A change to WordPress made it easier, and it is thanks to Bekki and her encouragement and comments in the early days, that gave me hope to continue.


A big bump in the road, is all the promotion and PR you are told to do in the early stages to get readers, that I nearly lost my way a little. Thankfully, I seem to have settled into my blog, by ignoring most of the ‘expert advice’.

Namely: I did not keep my blog on one subject only – because that wasn’t what I was blogging for, I wanted to share and write about my own journey and my many interests.

I also love reading other people’s blogs – I find other people fascinating- and I have come across so many creative people across the world -that the loneliness of that woman kneeling in front of a bookshelf – is just a memory.


It’s taken me a while – to find my voice, to let my blog evolve and to share what makes my heart sing, and it is also a wonderful record of my journey in the last few years! Who knows what the future holds.. technology changes all the time, but right now, I am enjoying writing, and hopefully, dear reader, you are enjoying reading..;-)


7 thoughts on “Blogging Reflection”

  1. Your blog is lovely…and one of the reasons is you write about different subjects. You write about your creative pursuits and your life too.So its always interesting. I’m kind of the same I think.If i only wrote about one particular thing I would get bored. I still love blogging about anything that interests me… 4 and a half years later.Yay! X

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  2. Well that bought a tear to my eye when I read what you wrote about me. Not sure what to say on that, but I’m honoured to have made a difference.
    What I love about blogs (and people) is authenticity and connection. Blog about 1,000,000 different topics or just one doesn’t make any difference to me, what matters is when people write from the heart and yes, they need to be like minded, but not necessarily doing the same things as I’m doing. And how much do I learn from people who do different things? I think all the advice on how to promote your blog so often takes people in the wrong direction, because it stops them being themselves.
    So glad you kept blogging 🙂

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    1. and it is thanks to you, x I was so encouraged by your comments, they really did help – otherwise I would have given up. And I agree with you, it does stop people being themselves – I certainly got hung up in trying to write a post for an audience instead of just being myself.

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      1. Thank you, as I say I’m delighted and honoured they helped, but you deserve a huge credit for sticking on in there xx
        You’ve just reminded me about Hilary Mantel saying years ago – before Wolf Hall and all the fab awards that she so richly deserves – that she wrote books for herself, because no one else was writing them – which I guess amounts to the same thing and underlines that if we persevere being true to ourselves will connect us more firmly to others than a heap of PR and strategies.

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  3. I’m so glad you found your blogging voice and like minded friends both online and in ‘real’ life to share your creativity. I’m completely with you on the diverse subjects you cover. None of us are completely one dimensional- we are complex and have different interests and it’s only natural that our blogs reflect that. Here’s to the future of all our blogging journeys and the lovely community we’ve discovered 😊

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