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Could do list for November…

November Joys

The leaves are almost down, I loved the golden colours of these leaves at my local park, most of the trees are bear now, but one tree had this golden carpet underneath that was irresistible!

I love the concept of a could do list – rather than a should do list – (if you read Simple Things Magazine you will be familiar with the idea!)

Enjoy Seasonal Food…. I adore the little clementines that arrive in the shops at this time of year. Ok so you can get them all year round like everything, but now they are in season they taste so sweet! Their arrival brings with it, fond memories of Christmas Stockings!

Visit my local library…. Mine is doing a poetry workshop next week – it is the most amazing place, there is a coffee shop as well as a creativity lab with access to Photoshop and other software.

Christmas Markets are opening all over the country, my favourite is the Winchester Christmas Market – not only are the items for sale beautifully made and artisan quality, but you can skate on the ice rink and enjoy some mulled wine afterwards!

Last year my son bought all his presents from Etsy – I had the most delightful shopping bag, so I will try and follow his good intentions.

Enjoy the sunrise – the extra hour in bed has been wonderful this week, I am a winter creature and feel more at home with winter time than summertime. The wonderful thing about this time of year is that the sunrise is not too early!

Host a board games/ poker evening – I love boardgames – I’ve just bought the new Articulate your life, which is much less cerebral than the traditional game! I also love poker but penuckle is more fun.

Listen to old music… there is nothing more delightful than the memories that flood back when you listen to an old song. I came across Visage Fade to Grey the other day it was the start of journey that ended up a blissful few hours of nostalgia!

Read or better still listen to a ghost story…. Wilkie collins The Woman in White, Susan Hill Woman in Black, or the classic Dickens Christmas Carol will definitely get you in the mood. I adore the BBC website, radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra have some fantastic productions, I have been enjoying Murder on the Orient Express and Oscar Wilde’s Canterville Ghost . There seems to be far more intimacy with radio and the wonderful thing is that I can focus on my crochet.

Lemon meringue pie

Bake a cake – I made some lovely little individual lemon meringue pies yesterday- I love baking it makes me feel so contented. This is also the month to make your Christmas Pudding, if you want it to be mature enough for Christmas Day. I love home made Christmas Pudding!

Go for a walk in the rain with wellies – splash in puddles.. enjoy the scent – listen to the drops as they hit your umbrella…I enjoy rainy days just as much as sunny ones! Somehow the cosiness of home is intensified after a walk in wild weather.

What are your plans for November?


15 thoughts on “Could do list for November…”

  1. I love the idea of a ‘could do’ rather than a ‘to do’ list – so much less pressure or stress! Even better than Etsy is Folksy where you’d be supporting all-British crafters:) My plans: lots of crafting in the long, dark evenings, preferably in front of our log fire with the dogs curled up on the blanket draped over my legs. Yep – heaven, especially with a glass of Bailey’s at my side.

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  2. A could do list is a great idea. Yours sounds wonderful. I am off to harrogate for a weekend soon for my birthday….and hurrah the Christms markets start that very weekend so looking forward to that. X

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  3. I love the ‘could do’ idea – I always make lots of lists, I can’t function properly without a daily to do list – or I end up spending the day worrying that I’ve forgotten something!! ‘Could do’ though, sounds so much more easy going 😊. I’m totally with you on the radio (and podcast) issue – you can get stuff done and the information/stories/ Music reaches you subliminally while you work /crochet.
    I haven’t read a ghost story for a while, I studied gothic literature as part of my degree and loved the Woman in White, my eldest is reading the Woman in Black at school now. Have you read Kate Mosse’s The Winter Ghosts? I bought it at the Gibraltar Literary Festival when she visited a couple of years ago – I can recommend it for some short ghost stories. 😊

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    1. Oh how wonderful to study gothic literature! The woman in white was awesome, as was the Moonstone. If you can join your son and read the Woman in black – it is so much better than the film they made some ridiculous plot changes. I read The Winter Ghosts while I was in Dorset last year, it was brilliant. looks like we both have a similar reading tastes! enjoy your could do list… can’t wait to read about it.

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      1. I actually have the Moonstone in a box somewhere, I should dig it out. I was supposed to read it as part of one of my courses but at one point I found myself with two rather large novels to read each week (which I would love the opportunity to do now!!) but I had to be selective and didn’t completely read them all – it impeded social activities too much – oh the perils of youth! 😉 I shall definitely take your advice on the Woman in Black, I did see a stage production of it in the West End many years ago, a group of us got last minute tickets and sat on the front row in front of the smoke machine – the characters loomed at us out of the mist – we were scared witless!! 🙂

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  4. Love your lists and so very much, the photographs! The meringue pie looks delicious. But autumn leaves fallen recall so many memories.

    I am devoting this November to a poem-a-day challenge (in lieu of writing a novel :D), using mostly the NaHaiWriMo prompts, since in September-October I took a four-week workshop, Introduction to Japanese Poetry, to try to get up to speed on haiku and tanka.


    1. Hi Liz – great to hear from you again! Will have to pop over to your blog and see some of these poems! The workshop was amazing, we were introduced to some great new poets. A regular poetry group has formed after the course, it is always great to spend time with other creatives. A poem a day sounds quite a feat, well done for taking the challenge.

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      1. I have been putting the poem a day work on my domain. /journal/posts

        After NaPoWriMo in April, I picked up a couple of correspondents from that group, which has reassembled for doing likewise during NaNoWriMo. Ties like that are good. Mutual encouragement.

        Good to see your note!


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