A little spring hope

a camelia flower from the garden with vintage tea cup

The camellias are in bloom here, their glossy dark leaves a welcome sight with these gorgeous flowers hidden among the foliage a delight when all other plants seem to be barely alive. Oddly enough, in order to have flowers in February, you have to give tender loving care throughout the summer months six months ago these were just a promise! To be a gardener is to have faith, even if it is watering your Camilla during the dry summers, or planting seeds in the depths of winter for summer flowering, hope springs eternal. Its a positive reflection when we are facing the wider challenges of a Covid Pandemic – every vaccination is like a seed back to normality.

sewing seeds for summer

I adore sweet peas, in my last garden they would grow with abundance and flourish so much that I was able go gift bunches of their sweet scented flowers to family and friends all summer long. Here the sun seems hotter for the last two years they have simply burnt away to nothing leaving only one or two flowers. But I persist, this time I am going to choose a less sunnier spot – in the hope that a little shade will bring more success.

In my last garden, sweet peas were so easy to grow – that I felt confident of my green fingers, but now I realise that gardening also comes with lessons in letting go, you can’t control the outcome – nature has its part to play.

Hope springs, sweet pea seeds

I chose two varieties of sweet peas, Sugar and Spice is a container bushy plant and the more traditional Statesman – they are scented varieties because who could resist the joy of lifting a flower to take in the gorgeous scent? The winner of this race was the Sugar and Spice, here just popping through the compost on the kitchen window sill, only a week later.

sweet pea seedlings

Here they are another week later, just pushing out the first tiny leaves. The slumbering Statesman still just snuggling in the warm compost – only one little seedling showing a tiny speck of green!

Blues, pinks and cherry blossom.

Until the spring I will content myself with creating my own little cherry blossom, reminding myself of clear blue skies and sunshine, even if it is only in my imagination. Today, slate grey monochrome skies are the backdrop to swaying trees while pattering raindrops are dancing across the panes. I will stitch my spring flowers, listening to the radio and be filled with hope.

My camelia is in bloom

Even though we are in the depths of winter there is something beautiful to cherish, time to rest, slow down and dream.


4 thoughts on “A little spring hope”

  1. We have been planning our garden today. Since we moved last year we don’t yet have a strawberry patch. Definitely going to st out a few plants this year.


      1. Yes, that was always a concern at our old house. We had lots of fresh strawberries. I definitely missed that last summer. We had wonderful blackberry bushes too. My husband has already planted several, plus two raspberry bushes. I’m hoping we soon have a few fresh berries to enjoy.

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  2. The blackberries locally have been terrible the last two years, not enough rain at the right time and then too much which turned them. You are making me dream of summer months, thanks Judith


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