A season of hope

mini quilt and daffodils

I have noticed a pattern – usually beginning in November and lasting until March, a sense of sadness and lack of enthusiasm for creativity, if I was a bear I would curl myself up and sleep through those dark months. The sunrise back in February was around quarter to eight, but now, thankfully it is rising at six twenty; this means it is easier for me to wake up in the mornings and I am sensing a shift of energy. That is why I am most grateful for the humble daffodil – a vase of badly needed sunshine alongside the promise of spring.

Cherry blossom and blue skies

It has been a struggle these last few weeks, where monochrome skies made the sun a distant memory and drizzling rain that seeps into the clothing making me damp and cold. However, just a few short days of blue skies and sunshine and my mood lifts. On my daily walk I spotted this glorious cherry, nestled among the other bare branches it was a delight – I like to stand for quite a few moments and relish the delicate flowers. Other people walking the park ignore me, even though I do feel as if I am looking like a mad woman, but these small acts of noticing really lift my spirit – now my behaviour has a legitimate title of ‘mindfulness’. I think all artists are just sensitive thin skinned souls who have a desire to sense things deeply, be that listening to birdsong or observing the colour variations on cherry blossom. New technology means I usually have my cameraphone at hand, but pictures really don’t capture the detail as beautifully as the naked eye.

daffodils in spring

Each year our park has a river of daffodils – a sight that is beautiful and fleeting – its one of the highlights in the season. Knowing its time is brief I like to stop and enjoy the view, the whole river is about 90m in length – the planting would have been quite a task – so I offer thanks to the park keepers and the local council. I feel a sense of rhythm, now that I have lived here for a few years, the daffodils and the Elder are always the first to show themselves and one by one the trees wake up – the beeches being the most reluctant but then I know Summer is here. I also notice the firs are dropping their cones right now – I can’t believe it has taken me this long to realise why I never find them in Autumn. I come home from my walks with bounties of these lovely wooden flowers stored up for winter decoration. I believe Spring and Autumn feature so heavily in my mind because it signifies a change, Autumn is about snuggling down for winter and Spring is all about waking up!

I am a fan of drinking out of bone china – as well as leaf tea made in a tea pot. The only problem with that is you either make a pot of tea that goes cold before you can drink it all, or you make tea in the tea cup using an infuser but you only get a thimbleful. I decided to seek out a thermal tea pot, using these not only would keep the pot of tea hot, but it is more environmentally friendly as I wouldn’t be putting the kettle on too much. After a good trawl through the internet, I found various insulated pots but none of them appealed to me. In the end I looked at insulated flasks leading me to this insulated jug – I love the shape and colour! It works, I made a whole pot of tea and it was still warm four hours later!

from an unknown colouring book source

Ask me to sit and meditate and I will last about thirty seconds, ask me to stitch and I will sit for hours enjoying the mindful meditation that comes when hand stitching! This is the latest stitch project. I used a colouring book page from Pinterest, (sadly could not find the source, if you know it please let me know so I can give due credit) I adapted it slightly but what attracted me mostly was the beautiful design on the lady’s jacket. I also played with basket weave stitch, the technique improving as I moved further up the basket!

Surface design -using crayons

Our monthly workshop was about creating your own fabric designs onto white fabric. I explored the backgrounds using a ‘brass rubbing’ technique with crayons onto a large stamp – then I used a hare stamp which is absolutely delightful. The process was enjoyable and I will post on Made for mii about the process.

inspiration from Pinterest

I came across this beautiful piece on Pinterest, it is from Danielle Roothooft it is one of those pictures where again, I can happily stare at for a good few moments, there are so many beautiful pictures of her work on the site, it is well worth a visit.

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