a little about me

Welcome to my little corner of the web, I do hope you will enjoy your time here, feel free to leave comments, I love reading other people’s blogs as well as writing this one.

I write all my sewing adventures at Pins, needles and Thread because I teach and run sewing groups it made patterns and advice easier to find. The rest of my life you can find here, book reviews, poetry, travels.

I am a home maker, I enjoy many things baking, knitting, crochet, embroidery as well as painting and drawing. I live in beautiful Hampshire with my lovely Staffie, Barney and my beloved E.

As a child I would spend weekends with my Nanna, a prolific crocheter!  We would spend our time watching old black and white movies, she would make large bedspreads in granny stitches and I would knit or play with her beautiful box of glass buttons. She bought me a sewing machine when I had my daughter but sadly passed away a month before my son was born; sewing became a way to keep her memory close.

I would like to say the first dress I made was a complete success; but it was a complete disaster. It was a Laura Ashley McCalls pattern – I had rushed to get it finished and hadn’t ironed any of the seams. A very dear friend of mine took pity on my efforts and so I went to her home every week while she patiently taught me how to make the dress step by step.

Bringing up two children and working did not often leave me a lot of time to sew, but I used to make Christmas presents and dressing up outfits. My sewing seemed to be a catalyst for my children, I remember sweating away making my daughter a raggedy jumper for her morris dancing, it took me weeks of labour ready for her May Day Debut – but she lost interests soon after!

Its my one regret that I did not learn crochet from my Nana but about 12 years ago I took myself off to the local WI and asked one of the ladies to teach me.  I am a kinaesthetic learner and need to see how things are done rather than reading instructions. Thank goodness for youtube, I am still learning, there are always interesting tips and techniques.

I am not a good follower of patterns – but usually can work out how something is made. I tend to mix things together, for example knitting is great for clothing but I will add a crochet edge. I adore felt but will incorporate needle felting. I might like the top half of a dress pattern and combine it with the bottom of another.

published articles

I have created projects for sewing world – it is always a thrill to see my name in print. I am in the process of writing a sewing book that will be published later in the year.
magazine articles1


I have run a number of classes at Clothkits, Eternal Maker and Harry and Floss.

brooch pin cushion
mini pincushion brooch



16 thoughts on “Hello”

    1. Hi Bekki, thank you so much that was very kind, I have been hiding away a little the last couple of weeks, but what a lovely thing to make a new start with. I really enjoy your blog, and its inspired me to write more. thank you. xx

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  1. We have very similar interests although I can’t remember how to crochet and never learnt to knit! That’s very exciting that you have created projects for sewing world and that your sewing book is being published. Well done.


  2. Hi! Happy to have found your blog! I0ve seen some of your posts and your work are beautiful! I love creating too so finding other people who share my same passion is so inspiring! Looking forward to following you and reading more! 🙂


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