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Dieter’s Delight- a poem by Susanna Di Milo

Cheese cake Aga


I’m going on a diet

That’s it!

I’ve had enough!

That woman,

in the mirror

My Goodness,

she looks rough!



I’m going on a diet

Because nice clothes

Only come in


And Skinny jeans


these days



my shin.


That’s it –

I’m going on a diet

I’ll only eat fish

and rye



and salads

Are all

that’ll catch

my eye


I’m going on a diet


will never

pass my lips


they have

a nasty habit

Of parking

on my hips!


I’m going on a diet

I’ve read the latest fad

Smoothies are good

And food

on the whole

is bad



I am going on a diet

I will never

tell a lie

But it starts


So I’ll have






(c)2017 Susanna Di Milo.. feel free to share but add the link back, thanks.







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rose bud colour pencils


I shall leave the dishes


the bed

un made

I won’t straighten the cushions on the sofa

or launder the clothes

that lay on the floor


I will delight

in half drunk

cold cups of coffee

squashed cushions

and scattered clothes

I shall lie

listless and lazy

in an unmade bed

with crumpled sheets





with you

I can caress

the rim of the coffee cup


it has touched your lips

or trace

the cast of your face

on the pillow

or the imprint

of the cushion where you lay

each item

carries you back to me,

as if

by preserving these things

I can keep you


because today

I miss you

I am as empty

as the hollow cast

on the pillow

in my un-made bed.

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Adventures of a Bookworm


I am not a poet, sometimes I catch one – just like a butterfly –  if I am lucky I have time to write it down. Today, while my eyes strayed to the bookshelves (I have them in every room), this little poem popped in my head.

My bookshelves brim, both high and low

Of adventures and places, I’d like to go

Shall I journey back in time?

Or take a boat trip on the Rhine?

Traverse the galaxy, explore black holes

or find a way to save our souls?

I’ll take a course, I’ll  learn to speak,

In Russian, Spanish, Dutch and Greek.

Unravel mysteries, solve fiendish crime,

Battle, Nazis and Ghouls, and win every time.

Between the covers of a book

Adventures lurk, just take a look

A tale of courage, a life of strife,

Of how a man met and woo’d his wife.

When times are hard or the weather’s bleak

I’ll go and fight Pirates in Martinique

I have no need of plane or car

To travel places near and far

Just a cup of tea, a cosy chair

Peace and quiet, time to spare.

Upon my bookshelf, crammed in tight

Adventures call both day and night.

Susanna Di Milo