Rescue dog, Staffie, Staffordshire Bull Terrier

New beginnings


As you know we said goodbye to a dear dog, Gus a few weeks ago – we got in touch with the South Coast Staffie Rescue where we had adopted Gus because I knew they were desperately trying to re-home unwanted dogs. Although they had a few dogs on the site I did not specify a particular dog, and you can imagine our delight to meet this little chappie, called Barney – a smaller version of Gus with the same colouring!

Barney staffordshire bull terrier

We took him for a walk and he seemed a gentle curious little boy, so in no time at all we were heading home with a new little boy. He was very good in the car – and pretty soon he was running about in the garden enjoying the long grass.


There is plenty of room to run about in the new house – which is enclosed so he was able to enjoy his surroundings happily.

Staffordshire bull terrier

He loves having his tummy rubbed

enjoys tug of war games

He loves playing tug of war

fly past of spitfires

He was rather bemused by the spitfire and hurricane flypast, it was wonderful to see them flying in formation


He is a very curious energetic little pup about 2 years old. After having a rather elderly dog it has been quite an adventure to walk a little boy who imagines everyone is his friend! He is settling in well. Gus was a beautiful dog, and is still sadly missed, and Barney is making big inroads to our hearts, which is a comfort.