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Sunday stroll – from the Country to the Sea

Sunday Stroll

Sundays were very different when I was a child, only local newsagents were open to sell morning papers and sweets. There was always a sense of quiet on a Sunday, with most families heading off for walks or picnics, the streets were quiet and even noisy gardening was curtailed on a Sunday.

Rumi quote and wheat field

Sundays aren’t really any different from the rest of the week now. Family outings head to busy shopping centres; you often hear noisy grass cutting or DIY tools, there doesn’t seem to be the same sense of peace and quiet; unless you manage to find some peaceful spot, like this one!

dog walking

These wheat fields are at the height of their beauty,  green wheat slowly yielding to golden husky brown while the breeze gently ripples the heads, slowly swaying, like the field is dancing. As we wandered the paths, where the hardened earth was deeply cracked by the warm dry summer, we caught the summery scent of hay and the slight sea saltiness on the breeze.

walking the dog

We followed the path between the tall wheat, eventually coming to a small woodland path between the fields. The coolness of the trees was welcome, but it was a little battle against nettles and brambles.  The wood was narrow, creating a gap between the large fields – barely wider than the path, leading towards the sea.


Despite the heat of the day – this beach is virtually deserted! The sea was warm as we paddled for a while

the sense of peace was wonderful, as the waves gently lapped over my feet.

empty beach

We had the beach to ourselves – there wasn’t even a boat on the horizon!

wheat field

Eventually, we turned around and followed another path through more wheat fields

Baliffs court hotel

To a lovely spot nearby, the lovely Bailiffs Court Hotel,

It was built in 1927 from old medieval buildings it even has a secret underground tunnel.

Tea and Cake

After our walk we were ready for a lovely pot of Darjeeling and a selection of cakes.

If only all Sundays could be a as good as this!