Decluttering list

Felt flowers


My cup is overflowing… I have been blessed with so many things that it is time to re-evaluate the ‘stuff’ in my life.

Now I am great at setting out good intentions! Great at making sweeping proclamations but a little bit of a slacker when something ‘shiny’ attracts my attention elsewhere!

So I thought I would create this project as a record of my decluttering in the hope that it enables the momentum to continue!


Felt flowers

(If you have read this on my blog before – I can only say in my defence I changed the theme on my blog and have lost a lot of post links in the process!)


So far:

Four decorative tea pots – to a charity shop

A Blue Willow Dinner service

A glass cake stand (packaged and packed with oddments of material) given to a recipient on Facebook.

A three tier cake stand  (packaged and packed with oddments of material) given to a recipient on Facebook.

Three large boxes of assorted glasses and glassware – charity shop

10 bags of clothing – to a charity shop

6 carrier bags of books to a charity shop

1 potato ricer (it wasn’t an easy gadget to use the potato flew in all directions)



2 thoughts on “Decluttering list

  1. ….and the glass cake plate with dome looks absolutely fabulous on my sideboard, so thrilled to have it. The fabric it was wrapped in? I have kept what I can use for myself and a friend has been gifted the rest for her craft projects. Thanks Susanna for your generosity.


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