The importance of Art

knitted sculpture

I’ve gone through quite an upheaval in the last few months, with visits to the hospital for tests etc, thankfully it has all turned out to be nothing too serious and I am having a small lump removed from my breast tomorrow.

One lovely thing about visiting the hospital is that there are a lot of wonderful pieces of art everywhere – including this lovely rhino with his knitted heart and eyes! I am so grateful for the artists who donate their pictures, there was one in particular of a beautiful flower that was nice to focus on while I had a biopsy, I wish I could tell the artist how much that lifted me during a worrying time.

We are planning a lovely two weeks away in Dorset to recover after my op, and I am looking forward to rest!


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Colour Me Positive Week 16 Challenge

Art Challenge 18 April

I discovered this weekly art challenge through facebook, ok I am a bit late to the party which began in January, but who cares!  It has been too long since I did any art – and like the saying goes, I lost myself completely. The process was a bit bumpy, I usually jump straight in;  this time, I played around a little with one or two ideas until eventually I came up with a design I am happy with. While I might have a general idea, I never know the outcome as it seems to grow – I just add bits here and there.

After taking about an hour to do this, I thought I would add a final line between the words US and TWO – it was disastrous! Then I put a white marker over which created a large grey splodge right in the middle! The whole thing was ruined at a stroke!

Trying not to panic I pasted a couple of pieces of paper over the bottle top – and re-did it!

So this really does live up to its name, the work was lost but now it is found!


If you fancy having a go – pop over to Lulu’s art blog, there is lots of inspiration and some great journals.