Liebster Award – Thank You!

I am so thrilled to steer to a more positive direction and want to say a huge thank you to Bekki at The Creativity Cauldron for nominating me for this great award – what a wonderful way to encourage new bloggers!


I nominate:

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I have to admit I am not entirely sure if the blogs above have already had nominations, and the last two were an exercise in discovery and what great finds they were too!


My answers to Bekki’s great questions! 

What’s your earliest memory of being creative?

Saturday afternoons were relaxing affairs with my Nana, I loved the cosy familiarity of her weekend routines, a sharp contrast to my chaotic home life. She sat in her rocking chair, the big basket of wool beside her while she crocheted blankets that covered her knees.  The colours were completely random, based around generous donations of odds and ends from her numerous friends. We would watch old movies on her black and white tv, while I pulled out my favourite colours knitting them into complicated fair isle patterns for my dolls. At home in the darkness, fingering those stitches in the crochet blanket, imbibed with her love made me feel safe and warm.

Who are your ideal dinner guests?

Confident enough to act, I have hosted several murder mystery dinners and have had some fantastic fun along the way. A friend was dressed as a vicar once in full robes enjoyed the odd looks he had at the petrol station on the way over! I have been the murder once, but I am a reformed character now honestly!

Do you have a secret talent or party trick?

It’s weird, but I sense how people are feeling.

Are you tidy or untidy?

Well, I have a place for everything but it doesn’t always get put there immediately! Naturally I think I would slip into chaos quite easily, but I hate losing things so have recognised that I need certain level of order – I have a system that compensates for my laziness, for example I have boxes for shoes in the hallway so I can put them away without too much effort.

What is your drink of choice?

I don’t think you can beat a good cup of tea. Even when I am on my own I will make up a tea tray. Loose leaf tea in a pot, bone china tea cups and saucers and a cow creamer where the milk pours from his mouth – it always makes me smile. It feels indulgent and totally wonderful.

Who inspires you?

That depends on the subject..

I remember the first time I glimpsed a Jack Vettriano painting I stood gazing at the shop window for ages getting wet in the rain – completely lost. I love the way his paintings tell a story and he is so humble as an artist.

Maeve Binchy was such a brilliant writer – her characters were so real to me that when I finished a book I felt as if I had lost very dear friends. Liane Morriarty is as talented – I still miss the characters in Little Lies and its been a few months.

My good friend N has the best sense of humour ever! She juggles three children, three horses, two dogs and numerous pets, as well  her own business – I wish I had half her resilience.

Did you have an imaginary friend when you were younger?

No, but I was prolific reader – my journey home from school included a three mile walk from the station, I used to walk and read!

Do you procrastinate or get on with it.

It depends – I think creativity needs an element of procrastination – I can mull over something for ages then complete the process in a few hours. I need targets though, otherwise I just drift. I need time to do something properly, the idea of being in the sewing bee fills me with dread, it needs to be achievable.

Have you ever seen a ghost?

No – thankfully, I think I would be terrified perhaps they know that and stay away! I do believe that I there is far more things in this world that we can see.

In your opinion what is the best blog post you have written.

I think this one where I talk about my up and down relationship with blogging. I was writing from the heart and I feel that I am finding my writing ‘voice’.


11 Random facts about me

Dancing is an enduring love – jive, swing, tango – I can’t listen to music and sit still.

I have a rescue staffie dog called Gus

My favourite teas in order are: Darjeeling, Ceylon, Peppermint and Jasmine

I love baking cakes and miss having children to make them with

I once slipped on a gherkin – my children love telling this tale

I love creative writing but rarely do it

I love painting but rarely do it because I loose myself, my family missed me, now I live on my own I would starve!

I am on a strict Pinterest diet – too much stimulation makes me less productive.

I love hats, wear them all the time.. ok not while taking a bath, or maybe bed, or maybe indoors

I started making my own clothes because my shape is really curvy – I went on a bra course and they asked me to check my measurements twice before the course and then checked them again when I arrived.

I adore cafes especially when they are in bookshops

The best Sunday afternoons are reading books with a tea tray nearby and home made cake.


My Questions for Nominees: (And you dear readers! comment below!) 

If you could have a cup of tea with anyone who would it be and what would you ask them?

What is the last book you read?

You open a box of chocolates – do you eat them all at once?

If you could be any age, what would it be? (you can take your wisdom with you!)

What activity do you do where time flies?

Would you enjoy a warm deep bubble bath or a hot invigorating shower?

Choose a holiday: City break, A warm beach or a Course on a subject that interests you?

What was your proudest achievement?

If you could change something what would it be?

What is your favourite room in your home and why?

If you could have a magic power what would it be?