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Memories of the 1970’s

twinkle annual

I adore Pinterest, recently I came across a 1970’s toy feed and the memories came flooding back! If you are a similar age, then I sure these will bring back happy memories too. I used to get the Twinkle Annual – every christmas.. do you remember those? Mandy was an older version and then it moved to other magazines. I loved the doll hospital stories in Twinkle, she had such a pretty nurses uniform.


Did you have one of these drawing sets? I remember sticking the pin in the paper and turning the wheel to the right number.. all those squiggles eventually came out with disney characters. Why they didn’t just make stencils I don’t know! Perhaps it was educational!

I had a Sindy doll, not a Barbie and I had this cardboard house with this kitchen sink! I remember we had the exact same kitchen units in our house – they were white and chocolate brown… !

tressy doll

I think this is the american advert, because I remember calling my doll Tressy! She had a wind up key in her back and you could either wind it up to make her hair shorter, or longer! I remember the curlers got into horrendous knots all the time!

haunted house

Just looking at this board brings back such fond memories of playing it with my Brother and my Nanna. It had traps that if you landed on the hat would come down and you would have to start at the beginning. That is the trap at the bottom of the stairs!


I remember having one of these when I was quite little, I think mine was a disney cinderella! It worked on batteries and it was quite powerful. Of course this was a cut down version of my parent’s cine cameras… we would have movie nights watching our home made films in the dark! It was such fun.

selection boxes

Did you have a selection box in your Christmas stocking? I remember picnic bars were always the ones I left until last because I didn’t like the raisins! Flakes were my favourite!

national dolls

My dad used to go away to sea and usually came back with one of these international dolls. My Gran, who was Scottish had one of these. I had a lovely dutch doll with a lace cap and clogs on her feet, but it was the Spanish flamenco dancer I loved the most.

pippa doll

I loved my Pippa dolls they were smaller than Sindy dolls so I could take them about with me. I remember she also had some furniture on a smaller scale. I also had an Amanda Jane with really lovey doll furniture – you could get the most amazing outfits for Amanda Jane, including a very detailed brownie outfit.

Play house

I remember getting one of these houses for Christmas 1976, I used to set it out with cushions and dolls and spend hours playing in it. It was a bit hot though, being plastic in that long hot summer!

chocolate machine

It must have been the same year that I was given one of these, you could buy refill boxes back then, lots of individually wrapped chocolate! Needless to say, my vending machine spent most of its time empty!

view master

These little machines were wonderful – I remember having a set for Lady and the Tramp, in those days the disney films were only available at the cinema – often meaning queueing for a good hour before the film! I remember seeing Song of the South – still find Zipidee do dah a cheery tune.


Did you collect whimsies? They were virtually unbreakable – I dropped mine so many times. I think you could buy them for about 50p!

Did any of this bring back happy memories for you?