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Oodles of Doodles

I bought this lovely doodling book; I can’t always get out my paints – there are times when I simply want to switch off for a while but only have ten minutes to spare. These little pages encourage creativity in bite sized pieces, I find it relaxing because I am not focussed on the outcome. I was told my my friend M that it is the most relaxing activity you can do, she is a fan of colouring in books.

 Doodling is a great way to develop your drawing style; it is often by accident I come across something lovely to develop. Playing is under-rated – as adults we are discouraged to do so – but without it we close ourselves of to discovery and free expression.

Take a simple page of colourful circles, it was really blissful to play with the shape and it is amazing how a few lines can change the shape.  I also enjoy playing with my large pot of crayola crayons, they blend so nicely – because they are crayons there is no pressure to create a ‘work of art’ it is all about play. Picasso says that ‘everyone is an artist, the skill is to remain so when you grow up’ 
Sunrise – crayola crayons

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Drawn in

I have been writing articles for a while now, but I have decided to take a break – I have found that I spend a lot of my creativity thinking up projects for the magazine but I would like to spend a little more time playing with projects and allowing them to develop and grow, as well as play with new techniques and ideas. 
Another reason is that I have not been doing a lot of art lately, and I am craving time with crayons, pens and pencils. I drew this heart for my son about a year ago, I developed the work further to submit to the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition, it was an exploration of the concept of love. I have to say I like this little drawing, it is about 6 inches wide by 3 cm deep, the reason I am telling you this is so that you can understand that the little loops and flowers are very small indeed. 

Another of my favourite ones is this one, not only do I love Neruda’s poem but I really enjoyed the process of creating it. I call it doodles as it is totally unplanned, I just allow the pen to go where I think, creating a shape and developing it gradually circle by circle. 
This pepper was drawn using the same pen technique about 3 years ago, I was on an art break holiday, and I used the size of the circles to create form. 

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Homespun Vintage – Book Review

I love books and there is nothing I enjoy more than sitting in Waterstones with a pile of books to browse through, a cooling latte at my elbow and time to relax!

My family know me so well that they give me book vouchers for Christmas – to me they are a ticket to adventure – book shops are just like travel shops each one offers an experience to travel from your armchair! This morning I spent a very happy hour, (always best alone so I am not dragged out! I can browse for a long time without feeling guilty!) in Waterstones Chichester.

I found this delightful book by Jane Crowfoot, the photography is delightful – giving crochet and knitting projects that charm. She has caught the vintage trend very well, but has broadened it out with folksy projects (Folk Tales) alongside Art Deco (Two tone Chic), and modern vibrant retro vintage (Time for Tea) to create a timeless collection of patterns and designs that are inspiring and will have knitters and hookers reaching for their wool.