Sunday Sevens (or Maybe Monday!) and the Jelly Mystery solved!

Corn Wreath

It’s time for a round up of my week – I am, which is usual for me, slow to get my head round great ideas! Sunday sevens, the invention of Nat at Threads and Bobbins is a blog round up of your week.  Somehow I thought it was about your weekend in particular Sunday, Which is why I have been posting on a Monday! Hopefully by next week I will have caught up and will be posting on the right day! lol. I have a great knack for seeing something completely differently to everyone else!

I made this corn wreath last year, with the trees slowly showing lovely golden tones, I thought it was the right time to put it up again.


I managed to solve the mystery of why my jelly did not set, having boiled it with additional pectin and it still not setting, I looked into various websites and books and finally decided to try again with more lemon juice.

As you can see the jelly did well and truly set, in fact I could have sliced it up for sweets!

Sweet crust pastry

Instead I thought I would make some jam tarts! They were the first thing I learnt to cook at school.

I have a foolproof method of making them so that the jam doesn’t bubble over and spoil.


With the left over pastry I thought I might make some little leaves


You simply bake the cases blind, these are sweet shortcrust pastry and I made them thin enough so that they would have the consistency of a shortbread biscuit.


I melted the jam on the simmering ring and then filled the cases adding the little holly autumn leaves while the jam was hot.

The jelly was quite solid still! But at least it made the tarts easy to eat.


We went to the local Art Deco Cinema to see the Suffragette film, it was excellent! Definitely worth seeing if you can. I have always voted – out of respect to those women, after watching the film I am so glad that I did. It is not too distant in History, and some would argue that we still don’t have equality, but what the film shows is just how terribly women, rich and poor, were treated by society. The film is incredible, the story is gripping from the off – I had to admit there was a silence at the end of the film as people left quietly, in pensive mood, keep a tissue handy, but do see it if you can.


On Sunday I decided to finish a small sewing project, when I saw this bright tea pot material I had the urge to make another frilly apron! It was also an excuse to use my rufflette foot.


I usually make the bottoms half circles – it makes doing any housework chore fun I used to love dressing up when I was little.


The nights are getting cooler, but there isn’t time to make curtains for the sewing room, so I was delighted to find these in a charity shop


They are a very pretty pattern – lovely little flowers


Of course it was a real pleasure to sit in front of our log fire for the first time, we have been watching the Sunday night Drama on BBC From Darkness – gripping stuff.


Susanna Signature


12 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens (or Maybe Monday!) and the Jelly Mystery solved!

  1. Lovely round up of your week. Glad you’ve gotten to grips with the Sunday Sevens, but there’s no hard and fast rules. a day late doesn’t matter – it was worth waiting for! Thanks for sharing your jam tart secret – I’m alwAys put off making them as the jams makes such a mess of the tray when it spills! 😃

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  2. All kinds of good things in your week. Just discovered this when Becki did a post. I may give it a shot too. Is “shortcrust” different than what we call pie crust? Sounds yummy! The movie sounds good too…though not edible! 😉I think Meryl Streep is great.Hope this week is excellent for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Fatetfully – I think it might be the same, just a basic pastry with a little bit of icing sugar so there is not a sharp contrast with the sweetness of the jam. Meryl only has a tiny part in the film, but it is definitely worth seeing. x

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow that apron looks lovely. What a beautiful find those curtains were. I love looking in charity shops, definitely a magpie thing! I vote too. I think once I forgot and was really sad that I had. No excuse. It’s not that long ago. Can’t imagine living today without that right.

    Liked by 1 person

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